Tips on Choosing New Carpet

When considering new carpet, you can get overwhelmed with all the different options in texture and colour so it is good to learn a bit about the options and where they are most suited. To help you, here are a few tips and examples.

First, think about your lifestyle.

1. If you have a young family or a family with pets you will most likely want a hard-wearing carpet with a forgiving colour. Some options could include a textured loop pile or a quality hard-twist cut. Loop piles have many variations: formal, linear or textured.

2. If you are more concerned with luxury, a plush pile in a flat colour may be more to your liking. Plush piles are very soft, dense carpet.

3. If you entertain a lot, a combination cut and loop pile in a mid-to-dark tone or a stippled cut pile may suit. The combination has contrasting textures and are less likely to show footprints.

Darker colours are cosier whereas lighter colours make a room feel larger. You can also choose a combination of two colours for a more neutral feel. Colour also fades over time, so choose a couple shades darker than you want for future and the fibre type can also affect the colour you get.