Considering Doing Some DIY Tiling?

During home renovation or remodelling, one tempting money-saving DIY job that people consider is laying tile. Laying tile is something that can look easier than it actually is and a tough call on whether or not to leave it to a professional. If this is something you are considering, here are a few tips on gauging the difficulty level of the job, to help you decide.

Consider the area you be tiling:

Easier Areas to Tile:
• Dry areas
• Floors
• Decorative rather than functional backsplashes
• Tiles in the 4”-12” range are easier to manage
• Ceramic and porcelain

Harder Areas to Tile:
• Wet Areas
• Walls
• Small/mosaic tiles
• Stone tiles- which will be heavier and more difficult to cut

If you decide to go DIY, first try it in a discreet, seldom seen place to get some practice in. Additional tips are to use pre-mixed mortar, having a good subfloor and using plastic tile spacers to impose the correct distance between tiles.