Patterned or plain carpet design for your living room?

Living rooms allow you to bring out your creative designer within, with many seeking a unique look for their home. Designing your living room can be fun, however, when it comes to flooring you have a decision to make: Patterned or plain carpet?
Patterned carpets can bring a lot of style to your living room, however with a bold carpet design other aspects of the interior of the room should be subtler. A patterned carpet and a bold wallpaper can become a bit of an eyesore. Patterned carpet can be used to help create the illusion of a large space, for example, striped carpets can make a room appear wider than it actually is, however, a busy pattern can do the opposite.
If bold wallpaper is more your thing, you may want to stick with a plain carpet. A plain carpet allows you to alter the design of your living room easily without having to lay a new carpet each time you fancy a change.