Hallway Flooring

When deciding what type of floor is appropriate for each room, think about how frequently that area will be utilised and how low maintenance you’d like the place to be.

We instinctively identify particular flooring kinds with particular rooms, but modern production techniques provide a great deal of variety, with some products even imitating the appearance and traits of other flooring types.

Just because the hallway of your home typically normally gets the most traffic, the flooring needs to be durable and low-maintenance.

Since it will be the first area that visitors see, it must function well to set the tone for the remainder of the house.

Choose black and white checkerboard tiles for a timeless period design. Patterned porcelain and ceramic tiles will offer a classical attractiveness.

A different choice that allows for some creativity is painted flooring; one popular fix is to use the same colour on the stairs and pair it with a carpet runner.

For good durability, think about solid or engineered bamboo flooring or poured concrete for an ultra-modern appearance.