Bathroom Flooring

The bathroom is a well-used room, so the flooring you decide upon needs to be hardwearing, functional and water-resistant. You could opt for a ceramic tiled floor or vinyl sheet flooring. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and will last a long time, but they can be pretty expensive, and you need to think about the grouting between the tiles, which may not be as hardwearing as the tiles themselves. Vinyl sheet flooring is more affordable than ceramic tiles. It offers many more colour options, but it can be more difficult to keep clean.

If you want your bathroom to look stylish, you could choose laminate wood effect flooring or even a tile effect laminate wood flooring that looks like natural wood but doesn’t require sanding or staining if it gets scratched. If you decide upon wood effect flooring, then make sure that an expert installs it – cheaper versions of this flooring often use materials that are not strong enough for bathroom use.